Gmail-Email is just another way to stay connected. Gmail is one of the top Email Service Providers. All you need to do is go to gmail-sign-up and see how to sign up in just a few easy steps.  Gmail-Email is more than just email, it is now a way of staying connected, having fun, sharing photos and experiences and even doing business.

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Gmail-Email works on any laptop, PC, smart phone such as Blackberry or tablet. All you need is data or be able to connect to a wireless network. Gmail also gives you offline support that lets you keep working even when you’re disconnected.

Gmail-Email helps you save time and work fast, it has been designed to make you more productive. You have labels, filters to help you keep organised, and not to mention it’s powerful search engine to find eveything. Gmail-Email offers a 25GB of storage which means you never have to delete anything that could be important “one day”.

Business couldn’t get any better but then Gmail-Email Calender came out - this service helps you organize your day. Now you can get your event reminders in your inbox or even on your phone. If you have a meeting you can attach files or documents to your event so you have the right materials when it starts. The Calendar sharing makes it easy to find time for the people you work with and the smart scheduling feature suggests meeting times that work for everyone. You can even publish calendars to the web – you create an event calendar or set up appointment slots so customers can choose the best time for them while on your website.

Create documents with images, tables, equations, drawings, links, lists, track projects, analyze data, beautiful slides all of which can be shared and editted by everyone you allow. Those pesky business projects where trying to find the time to get everyone seated together to brain storm doesn’t need to be a big hassle anymore – all you need to do is create a basic document or present the idea and then multiple people can edit the document at the same time, commenting makes it easy to work together and get the job done.

Your email and chat messages are archived and retained according to your policies, preventing deleting errors or those hours and hours of searching ALL your emails for the right one.

Gmail -Email  helps you connect with people

Your Gmail-Email inbox isn’t only about messages or business, it’s about your contacts too. Text, voice, and video chat lets you see who’s online and then connect with them instantly. You can see your contacts’ profile photos, their recent updates and shared documents next to each email. Gmail-Email helps you share your documents, photos and even those funny emails with your contacts in a secure way. These documents or photos are stored on the web, so sharing them can be as easy as sending a link. You can make it as public or as private as you like and control who can view, comment on, edit  or share each document or photo at any time.

Google+ is a great and secure social network created by Google especially for their Gmail users. Connecting with work colleagues, friends and more is easier and alot more fun.

Gmail is just getting better and better:


There are more and more reasons to use Gmail-Email. They have great Add-ons as well as many extra features that most other email service providers do not have yet. You can access your Gmail from almost anywhere these days - from your laptop, PC, Blackberry, other smart phones as well as your iPad. You can even receive your faxes straight into your inbox with a free fax to email number provided by Free Fax to Email.

Fax to Email Gmail is the new way to receive faxes anywhere and everywhere. Your Gmail inbox can be accessed anywhere in the world right?! Well then you can receive read your faxes anywhere in the world too!!

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