What is Google+ 

Google+ is a new social network site from Google.




Make Gmail more about the people you care about

Find emails from the people in your Google+ circles, share photos effortlessly, and see what your friends are saying all right from within your Gmail-Email.


Find emails from the people in your circles

Looking for that note your mom or dad sent last week? Instead of sifting through your pile of daily deal newsletters, filter your mail by your Google+ circles and see emails from the people who matter most.


Share photos with just one click

Why download? The next time someone emails you a great photo, you can share it on Google+ without leaving your inbox.


See what else your friends are saying

Whenever you get an email from someone in your circles, you can also see the things they’ve recently shared with you on Google+. If they’re not in your circles yet, it’s easy to add them straight from Gmail.

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